Located in a quiet residential setting, just 200 metres from the beach, this hotel stands out for its comfort. Guests can enjoy a poolside cocktail in the sun or chill out on a sun lounger under one of our sunshades. Alternatively, you can go shopping on Paguera’s waterfront promenade, where all the shops are situated, or try your hand at the water sports on the beach.

Just 150 metres from the beach and 20 km from Palma, this is the chain’s biggest hotel, made up of several buildings that are constantly improved and upgraded. Its privileged location ensures a pleasant stay, close to a wide range of tourist attractions and facilities. A perfect choice for families or couples.

The chain’s smallest, simplest, but no less cosy hotel, situated 150 metres from the beach opposite Morlans Garden Hotel whose dining room and facilities it shares. Thanks to Villa Ana’s welcoming family atmosphere, you will feel right at home there.



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